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The need for a strong Green movement for people, planet and peace over profit has never been more critical, as Donald Trump takes the mask off the corporate empire, threatening regime change across the planet, tearing refugee children from their parents' arms, fanning flames of fascism and pushing climate disruption to the point of no return.

Meanwhile, the Democratic establishment has again proven incapable of real opposition. Sabotaging progressives in their own ranks, and joining Republicans to push dangerous militarism, a new cold war, nuclear weapons, predatory banks and more, the Democratic leadership has been unable to get beyond Trump-hating, Russia-baiting, and blaming everyone but themselves for their record of failure.

The problem is not just Trump, but the whole bipartisan neoliberal system spreading injustice and violence the world over, paving the way for demagogues like Trump to take power as people who’ve been left behind strike back at the political establishment that betrayed them.


Fortunately, the potential for historic change has never been greater. Over 60% of Americans and 71% of millennials are calling for a new political party; support for ranked choice voting is surging; and a slew of winnable Green races have emerged, including 1-on-1 Congressional contests immune to bogus “spoiler” charges. This means we have a real shot at winning high-visibility offices, ending the media blackout, and breaking the corporate political stranglehold!

In this critical moment, Green Uprising will put the skills and tools from our Green movement to work, applying our social media, visibility, organizing and more, to turn winnable races into actual victories.


We’ll also support frontline movements that are the ultimate engine of social change – from the struggles against empire, austerity and extraction, to the fight for a Green New Deal; health care, jobs and education as human rights; living wages and a cooperative, just economy; nuclear abolition; immigrant, Indigenous and LGBTQ rights; the movement for Black lives; democracy reforms like Ranked Choice Voting and more.  

Above all, we’ll put our tools to work where these social movements come together in political struggle. We’ll support Green candidates and new and existing Green Party chapters, expanding the visibility, engagement and impact of the Party and candidates.  

The imperative for action has never been more urgent. The hunger for change has never been greater.  

Green Uprising will seize this transformative moment, and build the rebellion that’s already underway. We’ll do what it takes to keep it going and growing towards critical mass – so people, planet and peace will prevail.

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