Ballot Access

Voters’ rights are meaningless without the right to run for office, yet many states have discriminatory laws that make it as difficult as possible for regular people to run for office unless they are backed by party bosses or wealthy elites. We must repeal unreasonable, anti-democratic barriers to getting on the ballot and other laws designed to prevent political competition for the establishment parties.


9/5/18: Defend Democracy from corporate Democrats!

After the Democrats’ lawyers complained about technical irregularities with a handful of the over 7,000 signatures verified by local election officials, a district judge ordered the Montana Green Party off the ballot. But they’re not done fighting yet!

They have an opportunity to hire an attorney who has won victories for the right to access the ballot across the country in states like Arkansas, Oklahoma and Tennessee - but to do so, they need to raise $2,000 as soon as possible.


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