Power up for a Green breakthrough now!

From Jill Stein:

With Election Day coming up, thousands of Greens are working day and night to get out the vote for real leaders who put people, planet and peace over profit.

At this moment when a landslide majority of Americans want a new party, any Green breakthrough into state or federal office would hit the corrupt political establishment like an earthquake and give new hope to millions of people.

Nothing would demonstrate that the Green Party is the party we need like the living example of Green leaders in the halls of power, fighting for the causes we care so deeply about like healthcare and education as human rights, a Green New Deal, defending marginalized communities and so much more.

Here are 4 candidates who are surging towards the finish line - and your support could put them over the top!

Kenneth Mejia is a tireless young community organizer in a 1-on-1 Congressional race with a corporate-funded establishment Democrat in Los Angeles.

He is standing strong for healthcare, housing, higher education and a clean environment as human rights, and calling out California’s ruling Democrats for taking money from corporate interests like insurance corporations and private prisons as they block single-payer healthcare and vote to increase funding for ICE.

Kenneth’s fiery, unapologetic progressive campaign has catalyzed a grassroots uprising in his community, with hundreds of volunteers of all ages and backgrounds working day and night to elect the first Green to Congress.

In the final days of the election, Kenneth’s all-volunteer team is hitting the streets, sending postcards and making calls in an all-out effort to win the greatest political upset of our lives.

Will you pitch in now to help power them to the finish line? Every dollar goes directly to get-out-the-vote efforts to make Kenneth Mejia the first Green in Congress!

Rodolfo Cortes Barragan is another young leader in LA with an equally exciting opportunity to upset a corporate Democrat in a 1-on-1 race and lead a Green breakthrough into Congress.

Challenging an incumbent who inherited the seat from her father and has done little for her district in 25 years, and is not even campaigning, Rodolfo’s chances of winning are skyrocketing.

Rodolfo is electrifying the working-class, 86% Chicanx district where he grew up with his call for a federal jobs guarantee, Medicare for All, a welcoming path to citizenship for immigrants, free public higher education, ending the wars and more, while his opponent is nowhere to be seen.

Just weeks into his campaign, Rodolfo got 20% of the vote in the June primary. Since then, his volunteer team has found that when voters in the 40th District learn how the incumbent’s recent votes to expand ICE and boost military spending enable Trump’s agenda and disrespect the district, they switch their votes to Rodolfo over 90% of the time.

Now Rodolfo and his volunteer team are racing to get their winning message out to as many voters as possible before Tuesday’s election.

Will you pitch in now to help Rodolfo Cortes Barragan and his grassroots campaign team lead a Green breakthrough into Congress?

Across the country in Baltimore, 2 Greens are running an amazing team campaign to be the first Greens elected to Maryland’s state legislature: Andy Ellis and Glenn Ross.

Both long-time community organizers, Glenn and Andy developed their platform from the bottom up by listening to what people actually want, like a $15/hour minimum wage, hiring local residents to clean up toxic waste sites in their neighborhoods, community control of the police, and a program to guarantee a job to any young person who wants one.

Glenn and Andy are running as a Green team in a race where voters can vote for up to 3 candidates, meaning they could elect not just 1, but 2 Green state legislators this Tuesday. They’ve knocked on thousands of doors in their community, and they keep hearing the same thing: decades of unchallenged Democratic Party rule hasn’t worked for Baltimore and people are ready for change.

Now, Glenn, Andy, and their dedicated volunteers are going all-out in the home stretch to make sure they reach every voter with their winning message. After surging in early voting, they need to raise just $500 more for canvassers and literature to push through to the finish line.

Will you pitch in now to help Glenn and Andy get out the Green vote and win?

We are fortunate to have inspiring candidates like Kenneth, Rodolfo, Glenn and Andy working tirelessly every day to build the Green movement. It’s up to us to make sure their grassroots campaigns have the resources they need to reach as many voters as possible to pull off an historic win.

A Green victory in even one of these races would signal that the Green Party has arrived and open the floodgates for progressives, sick and tired of the two-party trap, to go Green in massive numbers.

Thank you for doing whatever you can to help these game-changing campaigns finish strong. Onward to an America and a world that works for all of us!


It’s in our hands,



P.S. To find out about more powerhouse Green candidates all over the country (as well as more in CA and MD), please see the following links:




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