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From Jill Stein:

After Governor Andrew Cuomo defeated challenger Cynthia Nixon in New York’s primary yesterday, there’s only one choice left for progressives in the New York Governor’s race: the Green Party’s Howie Hawkins.

Howie’s campaign is a can’t-miss opportunity to build a real politics of the people by lifting up one of the Green movement’s most compelling voices: a visionary union worker, former marine turned peace advocate, and lifelong activist whose tireless grassroots organizing is as impressive as his command of the issues.

Help Howie supercharge his campaign today by making a contribution and volunteering!

With your help, Howie can build on the profound impact of his 2014 gubernatorial campaign, where he forced Cuomo to adopt a ban on fracking and reset New York's progressive agenda to include a $15/hour minimum wage, free public higher education and paid family leave.

Cuomo may be a savvy politician, but he’s also a corporate-sponsored elite insider who uses hardball tactics to keep a tight grip on power. The son of a former governor, Cuomo made a deal shortly after his election in 2010 to help Republicans maintain their gerrymandered control of the state senate, giving him a convenient excuse for his failure to pass progressive legislation.

Cuomo has been dogged by corruption scandals, including convictions for members of his inner circle and recent revelations that he halted a probe into sexual abuse allegations against Harvey Weinstein after receiving a large donation from Weinstein’s law firm. Yet the Democratic establishment has united to help Cuomo defeat Nixon, from Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, and Tom Perez to Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi.

While the media has been fixated on Nixon’s Working Families Party-backed challenge to Cuomo, the NY WFP has acted like a virtual wing of the Democratic Party by declining to challenge Democrats directly in contested races. The WFP has already stated publicly that it won’t challenge Cuomo in the general election.

Instead of trying to win over the Democratic Party establishment, Howie Hawkins is working tirelessly to lift the voices of the silenced majority who are ready to demand more from our democracy.

His progressive populist agenda includes a Green New Deal to create good jobs and stop climate meltdown, health care for all, fully funded public education through university, affordable housing, economic democracy with cooperatives and public banks, legal marijuana and an end to mass incarceration, ranked choice voting and proportional representation, and much more.

Howie has been an unstoppable organizer in movements for peace, justice, labor, the environment, and independent working class politics since the 1960s. He brings the same vision and work ethic to the campaign trail, crisscrossing the state to talk at rallies, union halls, picket lines and community meetings about how we can win real improvements in the lives of working people.

His impressive command of issues both big and small has earned Howie credibility not just with progressive activists, but with the media too - no small feat for a Green eco-socialist. “The Green Party’s agenda seems to hold more water every time Howie Hawkins gets a platform,” wrote the Syracuse Post-Standard in 2005. In his 2010 campaign for governor, Howie was one of the first candidates to call for a Green New Deal, an idea now gaining momentum across the country.

Howie’s running mate Jia Lee is a New York City public school special education teacher, union activist and outspoken voice against the corporate hijack of public education. In a field of professional politicians whose main qualification is their ability to raise money from special interests, Howie and Jia are the only ticket of working people whose campaign is about meeting the needs of everyday New Yorkers.

Even with the Nixon-Cuomo race taking up almost all the media’s attention, Howie and Jia had the support of 5% of voters in a recent statewide poll. With Cuomo carrying the Democratic banner and establishment Republican Marc Molinaro making little headway, Howie and Jia have a real opportunity to keep climbing in the polls as their message hits home with the many New Yorkers looking for a better way forward.

Will you contribute today to help Howie and Jia reach as many voters as possible with their call to demand more than the corrupt duopoly governing New York is willing to deliver?

New York is fertile ground for the Green movement. While the majority of New Yorkers are progressive, the ruling Democratic Party is dominated by corporate-backed elites like Andrew Cuomo and Chuck Schumer. Greens have the potential to become a force to reckon with in New York, especially as dissatisfaction with the political establishment grows along with support for electoral reforms like ranked choice voting.

Strong flagship campaigns like Howie and Jia’s are critical to spreading the Green message and laying the groundwork for grassroots party-building and future campaigns at all levels.

If Howie and Jia could raise $5,000, they’d be able to produce a video and air it across the state with their powerful message that it’s time to demand more from our democracy.

Please pitch in whatever you can to help these inspiring candidates who are working hard to build an America and a world that works for all of us.

More than ever, the power to create that world is in our hands!

Jill Stein

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